A better way to monitor, map, and research EU stakeholders

Spend less time doing low-end desk work and more time on outreach and strategy.

EU monitoring
EU monitoring

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EU stakeholder mapping
EU stakeholder mapping

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EU policymaker profiles
EU policymaker profiles

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What makes us different

Built by EU public affairs specialists for EU public affairs specialists, we understand Brussels's multi-dimensional political context.

Existing databases focus on metadata; people's names, jobs, organisations, etc. We do that too, but we go beyond people's job titles and focus on what people in the Brussles bubble say. We are also a technology partner able to run complex queries into our data.

80,000 individuals and 20,000 organisations

We scour the internet for public information about those working in EU policy and gather it into unified profiles, so you don’t have to. Find who you’re looking for and then research what they have said on different platforms and websites on a single page.

Katarina Barley
European Commission
Donald Tusk
Guy Verhofstadt
Angela Merkel
Macro Buti
Business Europe
Map of Brussels

Identify new
allies and risks

People in Brussels come and go. Briefed allows you to quickly identify those active on your issues beyond those you may already know.


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