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All your colleagues emails, meetings, and direct messages with a stakeholder automatically collected on a single page.

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Save time gathering relevant information from dozens of websites. It’s already here; filterable, searchable, and growing every day!



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Fine tuned alerts. Only need news articles mentioning Juncker? No problem! Only tweets from Barnier on Brexit? No problem!

Coming soon!

Analytics (Autumn 2017)

Chatbot assistant (Spring 2018)


  • Early bird - monthly* € 395 per month, per team

    Includes all features to stay informed, improve internal coordination, and free up time for the tasks that matter

    * Only available until 1 October 2017

  • Early bird - annual* € 295 per month, per team

    Includes everything in the early bird monthly plan, plus the option to pay by purchase order and bank transfer.

    * Only available until 1 October 2017

  • Standard plan - monthly € 595 per month, per team

    Includes everything in the early bird plan, and will be the standard price for new subscriptions starting on or after 1 October. Existing customer will be unaffected.

  • What is a team?

    Teams are used to share information between colleagues; private data is visible only to other team members. Most organisations will need only one team. However, those (such as agencies) that require more specific divisions in how data is shared may need more than one team to ensure only the appropriately authorised people see private data.

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